IELTS recognition in Belgium

What is IELTS used for in Belgium?

Find out more about how Belgian universities and employers are using IELTS:

IELTS as an entry requirement

IELTS as an English language requirement for entry into degree courses IELTS is one of the internationally recognised qualifications used by most Belgian universities and colleges of higher education for entry into their English-taught degree and master courses.

IELTS as a selection tool

  • The Louvain School of Management use IELTS as a selection tool for international exchanges and work placement:

'The Louvain School of Management (the UCL’s business school) offers students numerous opportunities for international exchanges, including double degrees, work placements abroad and the CEMS (Community of European Management Schools)’s Master in International Management. Candidates are required to provide certified evidence of their level of competence in English. Since the Master’s degrees were started, more than 2/3 of candidates produced an IELTS score and last year over 95% of those who had taken IELTS had reached the required level (7.0 for the CEMS Master and for the double degrees).

As student mobility is a key aspect of the Bologna process, which in turn involves transferable skills and grades, we are very pleased with the way IELTS scores can be linked with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as well as with its global recognition.' – Vincent Wertz (Pro-recteur à l’enseignement et à la formation), Philippe Parmentier (Directeur de l’Administration de l’enseignement et de la formation), Philippe Neyt (Directeur de l’ Institut des Langues Vivantes), Paul Belleflamme (Professeur SSH/LSML)

  • IELTS is formally recognised by EPSO (Office Européen de Sélection du Personnel) under art.45(2) of the Staff Regulations as evidence of the ability to work in a third language.

IELTS as an exit language qualification

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (GxABT) use IELTS as an exit language qualification:

'ULg – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has chosen IELTS as an exit examination to measure the level of our graduating students after they have received four years of English instruction at our Faculty. It is part of our Quality Assurance approach. Our students start sometimes with no English, and our objective is to bring them to a “good user” level. Using IELTS has allowed us to measure their level objectively, and we are very proud of their achievement.

We were also very pleased with the organization of the test on our campus – it was strict and professional but at the same time, our contact with the IELTS organizers was friendly, and our questions were answered rapidly.' – M-A Duffeler, Maître de Langues, ULg-GxABT

IELTS as a tool to assess levels of competence

UCL use IELTS as a tool to assess students’ level of competence:

'Quality control through external assessment lies at the heart of the UCL’s education policy. Regarding language skills, nearly 8,000 students take an English course each year. In May 2009 a randomly selected sample of some 210 third-year students (most language courses are included in the Bachelor’s degrees) took IELTS (Academic) on the UCL’s campus. Although many of our courses are ESP-oriented, we wanted to use the same standardized test for all to obtain comparable results (in the four skills).

We were very pleased with our students’ results (B2 19.81%, C1 47.64 %, C2 30.18%), which we are now comparing with our own exams, as well as with the very professional test administration and flexible and reliable customer service.' – Vincent Wertz (Pro-recteur à l’enseignement et à la formation), Philippe Parmentier (Directeur de l’Administration de l’enseignement et de la formation), Philippe Neyt (Directeur de l’Institut des Langues Vivantes).

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