Picture from ‘Tfanen: Tunisie Créative’ project funded by the European Union, in partnership with EUNIC (European network of organisations engaging in cultural relations).  

The British Council creates opportunities for people worldwide by helping societies achieve change in education, skills, the public sector, civil society and justice. Working closely with governments, donors and businesses, we deliver value for money solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Brussels office 

The European Union (EU) is a strategic partner for the British Council both within the EU and globally. The EU Office acts as the global interface for our network of offices across the world with Brussels-based European Institutions and organisations working in the British Council’s main sectors and themes. Our role is to steer the successful development of partnership opportunities with the EU globally.

The British Council is a mandated body under Delegated Cooperation since 2011 and as such is recognised as an EU Member State Implementing Agency by the European Union. It is also a member of the Practitioners Network for European Development Cooperation (www.dev-practitioners.eu), whose goal is to improve and promote harmonised and joint activities between all the European actors, at the implementation level of European Development Aid.

The EU Office in Brussels interacts with the EU institutions at both programming and procurement levels under EU Development Cooperation. The Office also manages the British Council’s activities under EU Community programmes, working with – inter alia - DG Education and Culture, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, DG Home Affairs, DG Research and Innovation, DG Enterprise and DG Regional and Urban Policy.

Our role is to develop and maintain the British Council’s relationships with key representatives of Brussels-based European Institutions and organisations in order to:

  • Share best practice in view of policy recommendations and development and cooperation programme design;
  • Showcase the work of the British Council in key sectors of competence through advocacy workshops and events;
  • Involve UK and other EU stakeholders in our in-country activities.

What we offer

Through our network of overseas offices, the British Council maintains sustained commitment to the countries where we work. We have an excellent record in supporting successful project design and management. Clients and partners benefit from our strong local, national and international networks among governments and civil society. We have access to important stakeholders in the international development field and to a wide range of expertise.

What we do

At the British Council, our services include:

  • management of technical assistance support to projects and programmes
  • management of projects
  • project and programme design
  • design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • feasibility studies and needs analyses
  • human resource development
  • management of training in-country, in the UK or in a third country
  • recruitment and management of specialist staff
  • financial management.

Sector Expertise

The British Council has a global network of professionals with an in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of a range of international development sectors. Find out more about our sector expertise:

Contact the Brussels EU Team

Director EU Office
Krzysztof Jurek - Krzysztof.Jurek@britishcouncil.org

Deputy Head EU Office & East Asia
Louise Kallora-Stimpson - Louise.Kallora-Stimpson@britishcouncil.be

Senior Advisor Policy Engagement 
Isabelle Van de Gejuchte - Isabelle.Vandegejuchte@britishcouncil.be

Sub-Saharan Africa & Justice, Security, Stability
Axelle Basselet - Axelle.Basselet@britishcouncil.be

Middle East and North Africa & Civil Society and Governance
Caroline Delan - Caroline.Delan@britishcouncil.org

Wider Europe & School Education and Skills
Eva Lutzmann - Eva.Lutzmann@britishcouncil.be 

EU Member States & Higher Education, Science and Research
Gaelle Croisier - Gaelle.Croisier@britishcouncil.be

South Asia & Gender
Jessica Petter - Jessica.Petter@britishcouncil.org 

South Asia & Social Enterprise 
Marijke Geerts - Marijke.Geerts@britishcouncil.be

Advocacy and Partnerships Officer
Katie Wade - Katie.Wade@britishcouncil.org 

All exam-related enquiries should be directed to exams@britishcouncil.be. Enquiries are answered within 48 hours maximum except weekends and bank holidays. 

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