Picture from ‘Tfanen: Tunisie Créative’ project funded by the European Union, in partnership with EUNIC (European network of organisations engaging in cultural relations).  

The British Council’s mission is to build trust and opportunity globally. Since our establishment in 1934, partnership and mutuality has been at the heart of everything we do. This continues across our current and future work. For us in Brussels, the EU institutions and EU Members States continue to be key partners for cooperation.   

The British Council is member of 3 European networks: the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation, EUNIC (EU national institutes for Culture) for international cultural cooperation and Campus France/DAAD/Nuffic for research and higher education. 

Working with the EU

The British Council has been an EU Pillar Assessed organisation by the EU for the last 10 years, a status which enables continuous collaboration with the EU at policy and programming levels across all programmes and instruments. 

The current  portfolio with the EU  amounts to around € 280 million globally across our areas of expertise in education, culture, and open and inclusive societies.  

British Council EU Office

The EU Office is the representation of the British Council towards the EU institutions and the global interface for Brussels-based European and international organisations. Our role is to steer the successful development of partnerships with the EU and European partners globally.

We engage in Brussels by : 

  • Contributing to the policy dialogue with our research and insight, and exchanges on UK good  practices with our partners and EU institutions 
  • Engaging in co-designing programmes with our partners and EU institutions  
  • Convening UK and European partners  to deliver high quality programmes in partner countries

What we offer

Through our network of overseas offices, the British Council maintains sustained commitment to the countries where we work. We have an excellent record in supporting successful project design and management. Clients and partners benefit from our strong local, national and international networks among governments and civil society. We have access to important stakeholders in the international development field and to a wide range of expertise.

What we do

At the British Council, our services include:

  • management of technical assistance support to projects and programmes
  • management of projects
  • project and programme design
  • design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • feasibility studies and needs analyses
  • human resource development
  • management of training in-country, in the UK or in a third country
  • recruitment and management of specialist staff
  • financial management.

Sector Expertise

The British Council has a global network of professionals with an in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of a range of international development sectors, which are:

  • Cultural exchange
  • Creative economy
  • Cultural responses to global challenges
  • Higher education, TVET and science
  • School education
  • Youth skills, leadership and positive pathways
  • English in education
  • English and empowerment

Contact the Brussels EU Team

Director EU Office
Louise Kallora-Stimpson - Louise.Kallora-Stimpson@britishcouncil.org 

Middle East and North Africa, Civil Society and Governance
Caroline Delan - Caroline.Delan@britishcouncil.org

EU Member States, Skills and Culture
Eva Lutzmann - Eva.Lutzmann@britishcouncil.org

Sub-Saharan Africa, Peacebuilding and Youth
Gaelle Croisier - Gaelle.Croisier@britishcouncil.org

South Asia, Gender and School Education
Jessica Petter - Jessica.Petter@britishcouncil.org 

European Partners and English Programmes
Katie Wade - Katie.Wade@britishcouncil.org