The innovative way to assess English language skills

Aptis is the new British Council's Test to assess in a fast, reliable and effective way English language skills in your organisation.

Overview of the Test

Aptis version Assess English skills at all levels for... Who is it for
General adults (16+)  all organisations such as private companies, NGOs, government agencies, universities
Teens teens (12-18)  schools, educational institutions, government agencies
Teachers teachers, trainers and lecturers of any subject  schools, educational institutions, government agencies

  • Fast
    : computer-based test delivered via computer or tablets and results typically available in 48 hours;
  • Flexible content: choice of different skills to test (listening, reading, writing, speaking) to combine with grammar and vocabulary;
  • Flexible delivery: the client can decide where and when the test is taken;
  • Accurate and Reliable: developed and tested by English language testing experts;

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