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Photo: Bronwen Sharp

Wednesday 16 March 2016 - 20:00
Grand Théâtre, Luxembourg


[EN] The world renowned Shakespeare’s Globe will perform Hamlet, known as Shakespeare’s greatest play at Théâtres de la Ville as part of their “Globe to Globe”-project.

Learning of the king his father’s death, Hamlet comes home to find his uncle married to his mother and installed on the Danish throne. At night, the ghost of the old king demands that Hamlet avenge his “foul and most unnatural murder”.

Encompassing political intrigue and sexual obsession, philosophical reflection and violent action, tragic depth and wild humour, Hamlet is Shakespeare’s “poem unlimited”, a colossus in the story of the English language and the fullest expression of Shakespeare’s genius.

Lasting only two-and-a-half hours and touring to every country in the world over two years, a handful of travelling players will perform a raw, thrillingly elemental production of this inexhaustible play.

Introduction to the play by Janine Goedert at 7.30pm before the performance (in English)


» The Globe is now the leading place to celebrate our greatest playwright. The Guardian, January 2013

» Dominic Dromgoole’s brisk, accessible Hamlet… a touchingly youthful and vulnerable performance in the title role. The Daily Telegraph, 2011

» Good things often come in small packages, and so it is with Dominic Dromgoole’s speedy, pared-down Hamlet. The Guardian, 2011

» Dominic Dromgoole’s wonderfully engrossing touring production. The Independent, 2011

» The first genuine world tour in theatre history. International Herald Tribune, 2014

» The Globe's two-year tour is a world-class event which will help introduce and endear millions of people to Shakespeare, to classical literature and the performing arts in general, and notably to Hamlet. The Huffington Post, 2014

» Actors from diverse backgrounds and languages bringing an exuberance of accents and interpretations. The Hindu (India), 2014

» Under Dromgoole’s direction, this rendition of Hamlet tunes into a lighter spirit, that many of us probably never saw within it. What Dromgoole outlines is that comedies and tragedies often tread opposite sides of the same coin. Susumba.com (Jamaica), 2014

» Simple, but detailed, beautiful but sorrowful. iTromsø (Norway), 2014

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