Our global Stronger Together programme aims to create an enabling environment that brings together young people with representatives of government, civil society, enterprise and institutions. We support young leaders in enhancing their skills and collaborating with their peers to address multiple 21st century crises: from climate change to employment and employability, to alienation and disconnection, to conflict and stability.

The programme features a wide range of activities including focus groups, hackathons and workshops to policy dialogues, events and networking opportunities.

Stronger Together in the EU region is conducted across several European countries.

The four strands of the programme are: 

Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good, Climate Change, Gender Equality, Social Cohesion. 

We have a separate project called EU/UK Youth Stronger Together as a part of our Stronger Together programme work in Europe. It is a two-year project implemented in co-operation with the European Movement International  and co-funded by the European Union. It offers young people aged 15–30 from the EU and the UK opportunities to connect and collaborate.

The four strands of the programme are: