Meet the winners and the finalists of FameLab Benelux 2014.

Pádraic Flood - Benelux and International Winner

Pádraic Flood is currently finishing his PhD in plant genetics at Wageningen University. His research focuses on natural genetic variation in traits that are affected by many genes. He's particularly interested in how the processes of evolution sculpt the genetic landscape of these traits and how we can use such information to optimise plant performance for both yield and nutrition. He enjoys singing badly in pubs and eating wild plants wherever he can find them. Watch Pádraic's presentation.

Maia Elliott - Audience Award Winner

Maia is a third-year Molecular Cell Biology undergraduate student at the University of York, UK. She is currently carrying out a one-year internship at the Department of Experimental Haematology at the University Medical Centre Groningen, researching a potential genetic target for leukaemia stem cell therapy. She is fascinated by the role of human genetics in disease and she loves to excite her family, friends and chatty strangers with the wonders of DNA. Watch Maia's presentation.

An Ghysels - Finalist

An Ghysels studied engineering at Ghent University with a specialisation in Applied Physics. During her PhD, she developed a passion for Molecular Modelling, a multidisciplinary field which brings together mathematics with biology, physics, chemistry, and programming. After a post-doctoral Fulbright scholarship in the USA (Berkeley), she is now back at Ghent University to do research and to teach, which she combines with improvisation theater in her free time. Watch Ghysels' presentation.

Tias Guns - Finalist

Tias Guns obtained his PhD in Computer Science at KU Leuven. He is now a post-doctoral researcher at the Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence lab in Leuven. Besides doing research, he is also a circus trainer at the local circus school. He enjoys all aspects of academic life, including research, teaching, attending conferences and research groups abroad, and participating in science communication challenges. Watch Tias' presentation.

Lenny de Jaeger - Finalist

Lenny is a born biologist with a curiosity for all living things and an interest in how we can use the organisms around us to create a greener more sustainable future. Lenny is especially interested in micro-algae and the potential they have in the bio-based economy. Micro-algae are a promising crop for the production of both food and fuels and he uses molecular biological tools to understand and improve biological mechanisms in these photosynthetic micro-organisms. Watch Lenny's presentation.

Liana Kafetzopoulou - Finalist

Liana, originally from Greece, obtained an undergraduate degree in Chemistry in York. She then moved to Nottingham to study for an MRes and complete an internship at the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre, where her interest in research grew stronger leading her to embark on a PhD at the University of Leuven. Now she is fascinated by the opportunity of communicating science and inspiring people about the possibilities available in research. Watch Liana's presentation.

Mandy Koopman - Finalist

Mandy is a first-year master student in Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences, with a focus on molecular neuroscience. With a predilection for fruit flies, a large part of her young scientific career consists of studying these insects to unravel and disentangle the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases. She's a crazy but down-to-earth neuroscientist in the making who loves to talk about science and make people realise the importance of common issues. Watch Mandy's presentation.

Arunima Roy - Finalist

Arunima is a PhD student at the University of Groningen. She previously studied medicine and her current research is focused on how ADHD develops in children and how they cope with the disorder. She is passionate about research and is interested in understanding how the brain develops. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, or playing on her Xbox. She also likes to challenge herself to do new things and has learnt to dance and speak Dutch in the past 2 years. Watch Arunima's presentation.

Philippe Smet - Finalist

Since 2010 Philippe has been an Assistant Professor in the LumiLab research group at Ghent University, where they study various kinds of light-emitting materials and processes, including glow-in-the-dark stuff and light conversion materials for white LEDs. He likes teaching and explaining things, both to physics students and his kids. Watch Philippe's presentation.

Pieter Thyssen - Finalist

Whilst the left side of his brain was trained as a theoretical chemist, the right side prefers to play the piano. Pieter hunts for (broken) symmetries and loves to dabble in the history and philosophy of science. He often gets stuck in another dimension, contemplating time travel and parallel universes, or thinking about ways to save Schrödinger’s cat (maybe). He explores the world on foot, and takes life one cup of (Arabica) coffee at a time. Watch Pieter's presentation.